InnoSoft Group offers products as well as services. We have utilities to help other developers and database administrators. We also sell a line of products designed to assist in the management of sports for large and small organizations.

Sportspak is a sports and facility management application that can handle the generation of schedules, checking availability of sites, and assignment of officials. You can make schedules available online without the need to export information or modify web pages.  Contact us if you would like more information.

TeamWare is a desktop application designed to help coaches and athletic directors manage information about their teams and the athletes on them. TeamWare allows you to track information on your Athletes, Coaches and Teams, and gives you the ability to print Rosters and custom reports based on this information. 

Database Transformation utilities
InnoSoft Group has database transformation utilities that can assist you in migrating data from one database platform to another. You can customize the instructions that are used to move the data. Records that are rejected by the target database will be tracked so you can review the results later.

InnoLock is a custom control that allows developers to secure their applications from unauthorized copying. It also allows you to turn features on and off dynamically.

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